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AI platform phiNet


Web development for phiNet, a company that develops energy products, services and platforms with artificial intelligence. The project also considers the creation of presentations and the planning of an explanatory video.

  • Planning

  • Lean Canvas Definition

  • Content map

  • Brand identity adjustments and video coordination

  • Wireframes

  • UX writing for the main website and sub-projects

  • High fidelity prototypes in Figma



Client: Phineal

Year: 2021

Design by: Isidora Escobar

The challenge

The Phineal company was looking to order its sub-brands, for this they put me in charge of renewing the design of the phiNet website.

The design challenge was to define what the brand was and how to show the idea to potential clients. The main difficulty in this task was being able to explain a project that belonged to a main brand (Phineal) and sub-brands (Neuralsun, GTIME, phiNet Voyager)

The process + Results


I started by defining a Lean Canvas together with the founder of the brand to achieve a definition of the value proposition and work around it.

The first step was to organize the large amount of information that phiNet gathers, from explaining what artificial intelligence is to preparing the measurement product sheets.

Design prototypes in Figma for both desktop and mobile versions. This version is now complete, but not yet fully scheduled for release.

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