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Zendesk CRM App


As part of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) team of a prominent latin american digital bank, I had the task of designing MVP1, MVP2 and design "To Be" of an Zendesk app that allows customer service advisors to access all of their customers' banking information .

  • User research (Testing of prototypes in Maze, analysis of interviews in Dovetail, workshops with users and stakeholders)

  • Journey maps

  • Information architecture 

  • Userflows

  • Wireframe development

  • Interactive prototypes

  • Use and adaptation of the design system "Garden"


Client: Thoughtworks + (One of the largest digital banks in Latin America)

Year : 2022

Team: Isidora Escobar (UX/UI) + Squad CRM (Data, back, front, business, service design)

The challenge

The digital bank needed to modify the management of its customer service, both to provide better customer service and to make life easier for customer service advisors, who had to manage 3 different platforms, in addition to 12 independent apps to access customer financial information.

My squad's mission was to implement a new customer service process using the Zendesk platform. For this, we defined the new attention flows, created an internal Help Center, and implemented an app embedded in Zendesk to access the financial information of the clients.

The process

In this project, I worked very closely with the roles of Business analyst and Service Designer, to jointly define what the new case attention flows would be.

For this, we carry out an iterative process of user research and design proposals. Carrying out in the first 6 months, around 8 usability tests in Maze, a one-week pilot, 15 in-depth interviews about the pilot, and 6 workshops with stakeholders and advisors.



This process allows us to implement a first MVP focused on giving advisors access to 40% of the total financial data of clients, and a second MVP, focused on giving access to all the data necessary to resolve cases related to credit problems.


In addition, during that period, we also defined a new and improved "To be" view of what the app would look like in future versions.

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