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AI platform phiNet

Strategic design to increase the engagement with clients





The Problem

PhiNet, a company developing energy products, services, and platforms with artificial intelligence, faced the challenge of renewing the design of its website to better showcase its sub-brands and explain the project to potential clients. The main difficulty was organizing the large amount of information on the website and presenting it in an understandable way.

The Design Process

The design process began with defining the value proposition and working around it through a Lean Canvas. The next step was to organize the information gathered and create a content map. The team then made adjustments to the brand identity and coordinated the creation of an explanatory video. Wireframes were created, followed by high-fidelity prototypes in Figma for both desktop and mobile versions.

The Impact of the Solution

The new design improved the overall user experience of the phiNet website. Clients can now easily understand the sub-brands and the company's value proposition. The use of high-fidelity prototypes in Figma allowed for better visualization of the final product. The new design is expected to lead to increased engagement and conversions on the phiNet website.

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