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Zendesk CRM App (Digitak Bank)

Data-driven UX strategy, research and prototyping to enhance customer service

Thoughtworks + CRM, Digital Bank


2022 - 2023


The Problem

I was part of the CRM team of one of the biggest digital banks in Latin America. Our challenge was to create an app that would let customer service advisors access all their customers' banking information. Advisors had to manage 4 different platforms, in addition to 18 independent apps to access customer financial information, so we wanted to make their job easier and provide better customer service.

The Design Process

The Zendesk CRM app design process was a collaborative and iterative approach that encompassed user research, journey mapping, information architecture, user flows, wireframe development, and interactive prototypes. Working closely with business analysts and service designers, we identified new attention flows and created an internal Help Center to improve the user experience.

Our team conducted a series of usability tests, interviews, and workshops to develop an MVP and three releases that provided advisors with access to 80% of clients' financial data, while reducing the number of independent apps used by the bank, resulting in significant cost savings.

In addition to my design contributions, I helped establish a streamlined design process based on Design Thinking, which facilitated efficient coordination with other departments, such as developers and business analysts. This approach will be integral to future feature implementations, ensuring a seamless user experience and timely product delivery.

The Impact of the Solution

Advisors now have access to all customer financial information in one place, making it easier for them to resolve customer issues. Overall, the Zendesk CRM app has been a successful solution for improving the bank's customer service process, reducing costs, and enhancing the customer experience.

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