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AI startup ZappyJaw


Interface design for the startup ZappyJaw, which seeks to simplify the work of identifying cavities and dental problems using artificial intelligence.

  • Work sessions with the entrepreneurial team

  • Help in defining objectives, clients and delivered service

  • Prototypes in Figma

  • Test guideline definition


Client: ZappyJaw

Year: 2020

Design by: Isidora Escobar

The challenge + Process

When we started working, the startup ZappyJaw, posed me the problem of having 3 previous designs made by different designers that did not really meet what they were looking to develop, having incomplete flow designs and not adapted for use on desktop computers, which They are the most used by dentists in their work.

The design process was aimed at helping the team find a clear focus of work, better define its target audience and the services to be delivered.

Together, we created two different taskflows, to later develop a series of screens aimed at showing the basic use of the platform in a prototype in Figma, and which would serve to better present the project to potential investors.

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