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Benchmark Onboarding_edited_edited

Digital banking app: TAPP


Heuristic evaluation, research and proposals for improvement of the "Onboarding" and "Physical card request" sections.

  • Heuristic Evaluation

  • Competitors Benchmark

  • Userflow redefinition

  • Wireframe development


Client: 2Brains - Caja Los Andes

Year : 2022

Designer by: Isidora Escobar (UX) + UI designer

The challenge

The digital card presented multiple problems since its launch, both at a technical level and in its information architecture, in addition to the use of an ill-defined design system. My squad was given the challenge of improving two key sections: Onboarding (the section with the highest abandonment rate in the entire app) and implementing a new section to obtain a physical card.

The process

We started by performing a heuristic evaluation and organizing the previous information that existed on both sections, with the service design team and the business team. In addition, we identify the user flows and carry out a heuristic evaluation of the apps of our main competitors, to obtain learning and possible improvements to implement.

In the redesign of the onboarding, additional work was needed, since as a team we even participated in the definition of evaluation guidelines and selection of the authentication service provider that would work with the company.


This process led us to define two new user flows for the app, in addition to implementing improvements in the interface design, such as: improving accessibility (we improved color contrast and text legibility), standardizing the use of icons and improving of buttons.

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