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Art exhibition Futurtype

Alphabetic designs based on Italian futurism, exhibit at the 2019 Venice Art Biennale

Lorenzo Marini Group Italy




The Problem

The challenge was to create alphabetic designs based on Italian futurism that would serve as a foundation for Lorenzo Marini's artistic and design projects. The designs had to capture the essence of the Futurist movement and be visually striking and engaging to attract attention.

The Design Process

The design process involved a deep dive into the principles of Italian Futurism, researching its origins, influences, and style. I worked closely with Lorenzo Marini to understand his vision and design preferences. The designs were created using digital tools and techniques, with a focus on experimenting with typographic shapes and colors.

The Impact of the Solution

The alphabetic designs created have been widely recognized and exhibited in prestigious Italian centers. They have been featured in important shows such as "Dal Silenzio alla Parola" at the 2019 Venice Art Biennale, on the cover of the book of the 10 years of "Ventura Centrale" called "Ventura Centrale and Ventura Future" (2019), and in a book showcasing the alphabet that helped the Italian agency "Lorenzo Marini Group" win the "Mobius Awards" (2020) in the advertising category. The designs have helped Lorenzo Marini to create stunning and unique artistic and design projects that have captivated audiences and earned him recognition in the industry.

Project Gallery

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