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Event design CSA

Event planning, branding, corporate design, editorial design and more (2011-2014)

ONG La Ruta Solar




The Problem

The challenge was to design and plan the CSA event, which is a major competition for solar vehicles, and to create effective communication and branding strategies that would attract a large audience.

The Design Process

To solve this challenge, I went through a comprehensive design process that involved researching the target audience and redefining the brand to make it more attractive. I also planned and budgeted for the event, created layouts, timelines, and defined roles. Additionally, I designed various communication materials such as posters, banners, corporate clothing, trophies, road signage, and accreditations, and retouched images for the technical bases.

The Impact of the Solution

My design solutions and event planning were instrumental in creating a successful event that attracted a large audience and showcased the latest innovations in solar vehicle technology. The branding and communication materials that I designed effectively promoted the event, and the various design elements that I incorporated contributed to a cohesive and engaging experience for attendees.

Project Gallery

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