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Remote UX Research

Leveraged Maze to enhance the strategic implementation of UX research within the UX/UI team

2Brains - Caja Los Andes




The Problem

The UX/UI team of Caja Los Andes faced a challenge in conducting remote research to improve the speed and reliability of their tests for high-fidelity prototypes. Maze software was used for testing, but the team needed internal training and a defined implementation plan to optimize the testing process and learn from the tests.

The Design Process

As a UX designer, I recognized the need to improve the design team's research skills and testing process. To achieve this, I created a series of training sessions focused on the fundamentals of qualitative research and using Maze as a testing tool.

The training covered topics such as how to develop effective tests, when to use different testing options, and how to interpret the results. We also discussed the importance of designing tests that align with the research objectives and the user personas.

Through the training, I ensured that all team members had a strong foundation in research methodologies and were equipped with the necessary skills to conduct successful user tests using Maze.

The Impact of the Solution

The team was able to improve the speed and reliability of their tests for high-fidelity prototypes in a remote environment, resulting in more accurate and actionable insights. The training provided the team with new knowledge and skills that could be used in future projects, ultimately improving the overall quality of their design work.


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