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Digital banking MACH


Preparation of remote exercise for job application at MACH. A redesign was sought that would help users who suffered from cancellation of subscriptions due to not recharging their card. The development of the project had to be carried out in 2 days.

  • Process based on design thinking

  • Development and application of interviews + systematization of discoveries

  • Review of international references

  • User persona and costumer journey map (initial and proposed solution)

  • Taskflows and wireframes

  • Prototype proposals in Figma


Client: MACH

Year : 2021

Design by: Isidora Escobar (UX/UI)

The challenge

As part of the company's UX designer selection process, I developed a proposal to improve current features.

The challenge was aimed at reducing the cancellation rate of online subscriptions for users of the MACH digital card who forgot to top up their card.

The process

Following a process based on design thinking, I took on this challenge using methodologies focused on empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping and testing.

Being a short process, only 2 days, I had to simplify the processes and steps to follow. For user research, I conducted 3 interviews with MACH card users. The questions sought to delve into 4 areas: the general experience with the card, the money loading process, the subscription/cancellation relationship, and ideas for possible solutions.

With that basic information, I was able to define a user person, based on whom I built the journey maps for both the initial and the final proposal.

I also reviewed and studied international cases, to finally arrive at 3 proposal options.


For the final result, I created 3 possible paths, based on different systems, due to time, I was not able to do final tests, but I did define in the proposal how I would implement them.

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