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Digital banking web: TAPP


Research and website redesign for Tapp digital card. The project consisted of carrying out an investigation of the current site and a redesign proposal for a new site.

  • Planning

  • Analysis of user experience problems in the current site

  • Competitors Benchmark

  • Sitemap Redefinition

  • Wireframe development

  • Definition of tone of voice and elaboration of text template

  • Proposal of graphic styles

  • Test in Maze to analyze perception of the value proposition


Client: 2Brains - Caja Los Andes

Year : 2021

Designer by: Isidora Escobar (UX) + UI designer

The challenge

The Tapp digital card was released on the market at the end of 2021, but in order to improve how it communicates its value proposition and connects with its users, it was necessary to start a process of restructuring its website.

The process

The process was carried out in different stages, which allowed us to lay the foundations for a new website with the support of an in-depth analysis of its competitors, identifying good practices in the field and improving communication and closeness with its users.

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