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Energy platform "Sello Sol" 


Development of a solar energy traceability platform based on Blockchain technology: Sello Sol. The project was part of a larger process that also included the development of brand identity and energy seals.

  • Support in the definition of the service

  • wireframes

  • text development

  • Prototypes


Client: Phineal - Sello Sol 

Year : 2016

Design by: Isidora Escobar (UX/UI)

The challenge

The Phineal company sought to break into the renewable energy market, proposing an energy marketplace service that allowed users to know the energy sources of the products they consumed, in addition to allowing, in a second phase, the purchase and sale of solar energy.

The design challenge was to simplify the language of energy for a non-expert audience: small business owners and their consumers. The project was executed on a smaller scale, without using the web designs, although using the associated designs, such as infographics, mockups, logo development and energy stamps.

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