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Hackathon Neuralsun


Project for "Impact Chile Hackathon, Innovation for a sustainable future, in the air quality challenge" (Finland - Chile). We participated with the Neuralsun project and were the second place winner of the competition with our clean energy marketplace project.

  • Development and adjustment of concept to present

  • Conversation and adjustments with mentors

  • Presentation design

  • Presentation pitch



Team: Phineal 

Year:  2021

Designed by: Isidora Escobar (Presentation) + Electrical engineering team

The challenge

We participated in the Air Quality challenge, which consisted of developing a project aimed at improving air quality based on innovation, technology and the use of satellite information from the Copernicus network.

I participated together with Eduardo Soto, representing the company Phineal (oriented to the development of innovation with clean energies). We develop the project in only 40 hours.

The process

Our project sought to reduce the use of household firewood for heating, creating a marketplace platform that allows its users to buy low-cost renewable electricity. This platform works based on a neural network of information that allows access to energy price predictions.

the idea of ​​Neuralsun, prior to the hackathon, was already under development, but we had to readapt it and perfect it for this specific project. We present the core idea to business model and satellite technology mentors and improve the project based on their feedback.

We developed the presentation, seeking to make the subject as simple and understandable as possible, taking into account that it is a digital platform based on artificial intelligence, a complex subject to explain.


We were one of the winning teams in the competition, winning a ticket to Finland to promote the project. The work we did in this hackathon was a significant advance in the development of the Neuralsun neural network.

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