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Interactive energy map


Development of an interactive energy map within the Pulse website. The project sought to show open energy information from the companies associated with Pulse.

  • Planning

  • Interviews with clients and stakeholders

  • wireframes

  • Definition of texts

  • High fidelity prototypes in Figma


Client: Phineal - Transelec

Year: 2020

Design by: Isidora Escobar

The challenge

The Pulse platform handles a large amount of information from the different registered companies (energy generators and energy consuming companies), the importance of generating a public and open energy map was to make this information transparent, so that these companies could better connect with their users.

From the design, the challenge was to make the information understandable for a non-expert audience, and maintain continuous coordination with the developers area so that the original design is maintained when connected to real data.


The original design was created and tested in conjunction with the general Pulse development process, and is available at


During the second half of the year 2021, updates are expected to place a new type of user on the map: consumer companies.

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