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AI startup ZappyJaw

Interactive prototyping for AI Dental platform





The Problem

The startup ZappyJaw wanted to simplify the work of identifying cavities and dental problems using artificial intelligence. However, they faced the problem of having three previous designs made by different designers that did not meet their requirements, with incomplete flow designs and not adapted for use on desktop computers.

The Design Process

The design process started with work sessions with the entrepreneurial team to help them define their objectives, clients, and delivered service. The team then worked together to create two different taskflows and develop a series of screens that showcased the basic use of the platform in a prototype in Figma. The design process also included test guideline definition.

The Impact of the Solution

The new design was more focused and adapted for use on desktop computers, making it easier for dentists to use the platform. The prototypes in Figma were used to present the project to potential investors, increasing visibility and attracting funding for the startup. The design process also helped the team to better define their target audience and the services to be delivered, leading to more successful outcomes for the startup.

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