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Blockchain platform GTIME

Design process and prototyping to re-defining a Brand





The Problem

Phineal was facing a challenge in defining the GTIME brand and showing its idea to potential clients. The complexity of technical knowledge around blockchain and interrelated sub-projects of the central brand made the initial approach difficult even for people linked to the world of energy.

The Design Process

The design process started by organizing the Phineal brand and sub-brands together with the members of the company and its founder. The base information for the website was obtained from a previous website, work meetings, and my own research on blockchain, energy traceability, and smart contracts. I then proceeded to create a content map, adjust the brand identity, develop wireframes, write UX copy, and create high-fidelity prototypes in Figma.

The Impact of the Solution

The website features a coherent and easy-to-understand brand message that effectively communicates the value proposition of the GTIME Blockchain project to potential clients. The design solutions created by the designer have helped Phineal to order its sub-brands and make it easier for potential clients to understand the complex concepts associated with blockchain and energy traceability.

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