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Branding for Solar Robotics

Branding and corporate design for electric mobility brand





The Problem

Solar Robotics needed a strong and memorable brand identity that accurately represented their focus on power electronics for electric vehicles. The challenge was to create a logo and isotype design that conveyed their brand values and mission, while also being visually appealing and recognizable.

The Design Process

The design process involved researching Solar Robotics' target audience and competitors, as well as exploring different design options and variations. Once the logo and isotype were finalized, the next step was to create graphic applications and develop a comprehensive brand style guide. Additionally, I contributed to the definition of sub-brands "Karhu" and "Ilves," and worked on presentations, infographics, corporate videos, photographic record, and web page design.

The Impact of the Solution

My work on the Solar Robotics brand resulted in a visually appealing and cohesive identity that accurately reflected their mission and values. The strong and memorable logo and isotype design was applied across various graphic applications and brand assets, helping to establish a consistent and recognizable brand presence. The definition of sub-brands and other design work contributed to the overall success of the Solar Robotics project, and helped position them as a leader in the development of power electronics for electric vehicles.

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