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Hackathon Neuralsun

Strategic design and ideation for AI project





The Problem

The challenge was to develop a project for the "Impact Chile Hackathon, Innovation for a sustainable future, in the air quality challenge" that aimed to improve air quality based on innovation, technology, and the use of satellite information from the Copernicus network. The specific challenge was to reduce the use of household firewood for heating.

The Design Process

The design process involved developing and adjusting the concept, conversations and with mentors, presentation design, and pitch. The Neuralsun project was already under development but needed to be readapted and perfected for the specific challenge.

The Impact of the Solution

The team was one of the winning teams in the competition, winning a ticket to Finland to promote the project. The project aimed to reduce the use of household firewood for heating, creating a marketplace platform that allows users to buy low-cost renewable electricity. This platform works based on a neural network of information that allows access to energy price predictions. The project contributes to improving air quality and promoting the use of renewable energies.

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